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Our Mission

  • Building mutually beneficial relationships and creating collaboration opportunities between energy producers, EPC companies and fabricators/shipyards

  • Establishing a platform for long-term relationships and participation between firms from different regions and different functions of the offshore EPC vertical industry

  • Through collaboration, our partners can create better solutions, improve project economics, and offer new products and services to the oil and gas industry

  • Providing effective business, management, and financial consulting services to our partners and clients to bridge the cultural and language barriers

Value Proposition

  • Shorten time to enter new markets and expand into new regions; capture First-Mover advantages

  • Stay informed on market and industry intelligence and trends; tap into local networks and relationships

  • Bridge business culture and language barriers to gain organizational efficiencies in cross border expansion

  • Access to energy majors, IOCs, EPCI contractors, engineering and oilfield services providers

  • We’re fast, agile, and results driven

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